BioniX software activation info

Please read this document carefully if you cannot activate your software. ALL the necessary information is here.
Reading the entire document may take 2-3 minutes, but requesting support via email may take 2 days

How does the activation process work?

The activation process works like this:

  • The user trials the software.
  • If the user finds the software suitable it places an order (Note: orders for products that have a trail period are non-refundable).
  • We send details about activation (this page).
  • The user enters the unlock key into the software. This converts the Trial edition into the Full edition (yes, you don’t need to download/install the software again).

Who will backup my key?

We deliver the license key ONLY ONCE! Once it reaches your computer it is your responsibility to back it up. The key is unique for you and it is generated automatically by our registration server. We don’t have the means to manually generate it again.

If your computer crashes and loses your data including the license key, it is lost forever. You will have to purchase a new license! DO A BACKUP NOW!

WE REPEAT THE INFORMATION: If you lose your license key, you will have to purchase a new license! DO A BACKUP NOW!

Key invalidation

If you enter the key in a number of computers higher than the number of licenses purchased, the key will be permanently invalidated. Make sure nobody gets access to your key. The license invalidation is permanent. We will NOT generate a new key!

Will my key work with the next BioniX release?

You will receive all BioniX updates for free. You don’t need a new key if you update from v13.0 to v13.1 (for example).

Since we invest resources to produce new versions (upgrades), these new versions are not free. The key will NOT work for upgrades, for example upgrading from v10 to v11.

BioniX does not work after reinstalling Windows

If you reinstall Windows, you need of course to reenter the key. If you lost the key, restore it from your backup and re-enter it in BioniX.

How to enter the key?

You don’t need to download a new/special version of the program from our website. Just use the Trial version that you have already installed in your computer.

BioniX v11
To enter the key click the About/Info menu and click the ‘Enter key’ button:

You have to follow the same procedure when you upgrade your license.
Before entering the key please make sure you use a BioniX version that matches your license key!

BioniX v12 & v13
To enter the key, click the Info->About menu. In the new window that will open, click the ‘Enter key’ button.

The key is not accepted

All keys work. They worked for thousands of users. It works also for you. For any “key does not work” email we received from our customers, we have found that there are only two possible reasons for rejection:

  1. User input error.
    You must enter the key exactly as it was given to you. Use copy/paste, never type the key from your keyboard. Hint: The key for BioniX Wallpaper v11 always begins and ends with a star *.
  2. Invalid version:
    The keys are bound to a specific version. If you are trying to use your BioniX v10 key with BioniX v11, it won’t work. Please, make sure you are using the correct BioniX version (that matches your key)! The key version that you purchase is clearly shown on the screen during purchase. If you don’t remember, check the post-purchase you received from us (or our reseller).

Hint: When BioniX rejects a key, it shows the reason. Carefully read that message.

Activation support

This page contains ALL information necessary to solve ANY activation problems by yourself. However, if you carefully read the entire page and still have issues you can contact us via email. You MUST include the following information in your email:

  1. The purchase receipt (received via email after purchase)
  2. The key you are trying to use to activate the software
  3. A screenshot like this one in which we can clearly see how you try to enter the key:
    1. The key must be visible.
    2. The BioniX version must be visible.
  4. A screenshot of the error message your get after entering the key.

Emails that do not include the information above are simply ignored!

When you email us, please take into account the time difference between Europe and your area and weekends.

Customers that purchased also the Priority Support package are put at the top of the queue.

Where can I check if my software is properly registered?

BioniX license status is shown in the ‘About/Info’ box. If it says Demo or Trial then you haven’t entered the key properly. In this case make sure that:

  • You restarted BioniX.
  • Your key version matches the software version (for example keys for v10 won’t work with v11).
  • Make sure your key hasn’t been invalidated (due to illegal use).


Click this link to download over 25 new skins.
Locate the ‘skins’ folder (in the folder where BioniX is installed).
   c:\Program Files (x86)\BIONIX\System\Skins\
Confirm that you are into the correct folder by looking into it. There should be a small number of skin files (vsf) there.
Unzip the content of the archive there.
Now the ‘skins’ folder should contain about 32 vsf files.
Restart BioniX and enjoy your new skins.

PS: Starting with BioniX v12, you can create your own skins.


Any feedback (comments, ideas, opinions, bug reports) from you will be highly appreciated.

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