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There is nothing like a video wallpaper to bring your desktop to life! Who wants to look at a boring black desktop? Who wants to always see the same boring Windows wallpapers? Instead, how about placing on your desktop your favorite scenes from a movie or a computer game? Or how about animating your desktop wallpaper with those special moments from last night’s party? Impress your friends and colleagues by showing video wallpapers directly on the desktop! Starting with version 14, BioniX integrates Video Wallpaper Animator and it can show video files directly on your desktop, like wallpapers. All common video formats are supported: AVI, MPG, MP4, DIVX, H264, etc..

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How to play a video wallpaper with BioniX v14

It is very easy to show video wallpapers with BioniX. To get started, you need to download and install BioniX. Then, add to the BioniX playlist your video wallpapers.

Total Time Needed:



Required Tools:

BioniX Video Wallpaper App

Things Needed?

Video files for wallpaper

Follow the next steps and in seconds you will run a video on your desk!

Step 1. Chose the screen on which you want the video wallpaper to play

BioniX can display a different wallpaper on each of your computer screens. You need first to decide on which one you want to show your video. You can display videos on a single screen only. Simultaneously, on the other screens, you can display GIF or static wallpapers.
In the image below you can see the BioniX window, with the main window and the Playlist editor. In the main app window, you can see three screen panels, each corresponding to one computer screen. Each of them displays a static wallpaper for now. Let’s say we chose to display a video wallpaper on the middle computer screen. In the image, the selected screen was marked with a white arrow.

Step 2. Go to menu wallpaper type effect

Because each screen can have a different wallpaper effect, it has to be set individually. Right-click on the screen icon of your choice. A menu will appear. Click on Wallpaper type effect.

Step 3. Set the wallpaper effect to animated wallpaper (video)

After clicking on Wallpaper type effect, a new menu appears. Here, select the animated wallpaper (video) button. Then, click OK.

Step 4. Start playing the video

In the wallpaper playlist, identify the video you want to play. Double click on its icon to start showing the video on the main screen. Or, drag and drop the video from the playlist to the screen icon on which you want to display it.

Where can you find free video wallpapers?

Here are a few sources of video wallpapers:

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