How to install BioniX Desktop Wallpaper App

Installing BioniX Desktop Wallpaper App for the first time

  1. Download

    Download the new package on your computer, preferably on your desktop.

  2. Start installation

    Double click the downloaded file. Press “Install”. The program will automatically start after the installation. A shortcut will be created on your desktop. By default BioniX will install to “c:\BioniX Wallpaper”.

  3. Pass signature test

    To keep things simple (and cheap) we don’t use digital signatures. Because of this on some computers, Windows 10 might report that the publisher is unknown. That’s ok. You will see this message just once.
    Simply continue with the installation:

    Notice: This is not some kind of useful antivirus feature. If you want to disable it, see this webpage and rely on your antivirus.
    BioniX will pass your antivirus check without problems.

  4. Ready

    Note: BioniX is fully compatible with the new Windows operation systems. However, some users may see this message:

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