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BioniX is easy to install

  • If you don't have administrator privileges install BioniX to C:\BioniX. Otherwise install to Program Files.
  • If you want to upgrade, shutdown the old version and install the new version on top of it.
  • More...

BioniX v13.11

Compatibility: Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win 11

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Download from local server (fast)

Download from SoftPedia (US / fast)

Download from GDrive (fast)

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What's new in v13?

  • Send wallpapers to your friends via email.
  • La interfaz gráfica de usuario ahora también está disponible en español. More languages to come.
  • Show wallpaper as playlist thumbnails.
  • The user can switch between light/dark themes.
  • The user can create its own themes.
  • The user can switch between advanced and lite GUI.
  • Drag & drop images from your browser directly into your playlist.
  • Use GIF & videos files as animated wallpaper.
  • Better multi-monitor support.
  • Download thousands of wallpapers with Automatic Image Downloader.
  • Compile a 'pile' of photos and set it as desktop wallpaper.
  • Automatic fill/fit.
  • The user can now create his own skins using the SkinEditor deliver with Bionix.
  • Matrix-like animation over wallpaper.
  • 101 features introduced in v12
  • 140 issues fixed in v12
  • Full feature list here.

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