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The Monitor Overview panel

Desktop Background Switcher Dual monitor configuration


Desktop Background Background Switcher Dual monitor setup


The panel on the left-side below represents the "Preview" window, while the mini-monitors of the right-side of the screenshot (the Monitor overview) represent your physical monitors.

If your system has only one monitor then you will see only one mini-monitor.


Changing monitor settings


You can apply individual settings to each monitor.

To access the monitor settings, right click any of the monitors:


Wallpaper span


Click the Wallpaper Span  to change how BioniX will generate wallpapers for each monitor (if you have a multi-monitor system).

Clone wallpaper on all monitors

Each monitor will show the same wallpaper. The wallpaper will be stretched independently to fit to each monitor.

Dual monitor support. Clone desktop wallpaper on both monitors



Individual wallpaper

A different wallpaper will be set to each monitor.

Individual wallpaper on a dual-monitor system



Expand wallpaper on all monitors

The same wallpaper (if large enough) will be stretched across multiple monitors.

Expand same wallpaper across multiple monitors.


Smart tab

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BioniX Desktop Background Switcher can automatically decide how to fit an image that is smaller or bigger than your desktop.


BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Smart Tab


Wallpaper style


BioniX Background Switcher offers you the possibility to set the wallpaper in miscellaneous ways:

  • Smart size - BioniX will try to find the best way to stretch smaller / larger images to fit your desktop. You must activate this function if you are using dual monitors.
  • Original size - shows the wallpaper at its original size. The wallpaper will be centered.
  • Windows classic stretch - will stretch the wallpaper to fit the entire desktop. This is the Microsoft Windows default function. We do not recommend this function as it may distort the wallpaper if your wallpaper doesn't have the same aspect ratio as your desktop.
  • Windows classic tile - the classic MS Windows tile. We recommend you to use Smart tile instead.


Smart size


Custom zoom


You can use this function to zoom the wallpaper to any value you want. Custom zoom function is useful for small images. Recommended value: under 40%.


Original image size - Without custom zoom Image with custom zoom 40%
BioniX Background Switcher - Original image size BioniX Background Switcher - Custom zoom



Smart enlarge/Smart stretch


With the Smart stretch function you can enlarge the wallpaper on your desktop as much as you want. You can choose from two functions:

  • Fit (enlarge images until one border touches the edges of the screen)
  • Fill (enlarge image until empty spaces around image are removed)
Fit (enlarge images until one border touches the edges of the screen Fill (enlarge image until empty spaces around image are removed
BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Fill desktop background BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Fit to desktop


If Smart Stretch function is active then BioniX Desktop Background Switcher will proportionally stretch an image to make it the same size as your desktop. You will not loose any part of the image. If this function is inactive then the image size will not be reduced and some parts of the image will be out of screen.


Very small pictures look pixelated if they are enlarged too much. Enable small images with no more than x% will prevent this from happening.

Smart tile/Tile effects


If Smart Tile function is active and the image is much much smaller than your desktop, it will be automatically tiled.


Tile tiny images


BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Smart Tab Tile effect


Tile images that are x% of your desktop's area - tiny images will be tiled. Tiny images should not be enlarged because they will look poor. Instead, they can be tiled. Here you can specify how small an images should be (relative to the resolution of your monitor) to consider it "tiny". The default value is 34%.

If the wallpaper's height is smaller than 34% of your desktop's height then the wallpaper will be tiled. If we set the spin box above 30%, the desktop will look like the second screenshot:

Without Tile tiny images effect With Tile tiny images effect
small desktop image small desktop image tiled


If the wallpaper's height is at least 34% of your desktop's height, then the Perfect tile effect will be applied.



Perfect tile


If an image needs to be tiled and its height is pretty big (over 34% of desktop's height) BioniX Desktop Background Switcher will tile it only horizontally but not also vertically.

In other words, the image will look like a band over the entire length of the desktop with black stripes above and below.


Original image With Perfect tile Without Perfect tile
BioniX Background Switcher - original image BioniX Background Switcher - image with Perfect tile BioniX Background Switcher - image without Perfect tile



Tile - The mirror effect


Tile vertically if height its below x% of your desktop's height - if the image is tall enough it will be tilled only horizontally. The result will be more "natural". Otherwise, the image will be tiled also vertically.

Horizontal mirror - if the image has about the same size as your desktop then it will be tiled only on horizontal. The effect will be much pleasant to your eyes.

Vertical mirror - applies a mirror effect on every odd image while tilling the small images.


The first screenshot is without mirror effect. As you can see there is a clear and unpleasant separation between images. The second screenshot shows the wallpaper with the mirror effect applied. As you can see the images are nicely merged.


Without mirror effect With mirror effect
normal wallpaper tiled wallpaper



Windows classic stretch


The wallpaper will be stretched until all empty spaces on your desktop will be removed. The wallpaper may be distorted. We recommend you to use BioniX Smart enlarge/stretch function instead.


Original image With Windows classic stretch With BioniX Smart stretch
BioniX Background Switcher - original image BioniX Background Switcher - image with Windows classic stretch BioniX Background Switcher - image with BioniX smart stretch



Windows classic tile


The image will be duplicated many times until all the empty spaces on your desktop will be filled. We recommend you to use BioniX Smart tile instead.


Original image With Windows classic tile With BioniX Smart tile
BioniX Background Switcher - original image BioniX Background Switcher - image with Windows classic tile BioniX Background Switcher - image with BioniX smart tile


Background info



Many times you have walked up to a system in your office and you needed to click through several diagnostic windows to remind yourself of important aspects of its configuration, such as computer's name, local IP address, operating system version, or how much free memory you have left. If you manage multiple computers the easiest way to find out the information you need is to use BioniX Background Switcher. Such as BGInfo, BioniX Background Switcher v9 also shows a full hardware report directly on top of your wallpaper.


BioniX Background Switcher shows the background information by simply writing a new desktop bitmap and exits so you don't have to worry about it consuming system resources or interfering with other applications.


BioniX Background Switcher shows on wallpaper the following hardware information:

  • computer name
  • local IP
  • user name
  • Windows edition
  • Windows up time
  • total number of active monitors
  • monitor resolution
  • free space on disk
  • CPU family
  • CPU theoretic speed


This feature is available in BioniX Background Switcher v9.




Info and updates



The Info tab contains information about your current version of BioniX Background Switcher, registration info, the updates available for download and your system details .


The About window


In this tab you can:

  1. See current license status
  2. See program version
  3. See system information (required in case you encounter a bug you need support)
  4. Enter the key to convert the software from Lite/Demo to Registered
  5. Access the 'Release history ' page (by clicking the "What's new in this version?" link)
  6. Access our Affiliate program where you can make money by promoting BioniX Background Switcher .
  7. Access that offers software similar to BioniX Background Switcher


BioniX Background Switcher Manual - About Tab


The automatic updater


BioniX can automatically connect to the Internet and check if the version present there is newer than the version you are currently running.


BioniX Background Switcher - Automatic updater


The automatic update is on by default. To turn it off, click the "Settings" button.


It is highly advised to keep the updater on!!!!
We release new features and bug fixes often. Plus, we ONLY support the latest version of BioniX. Any email regarding an older version is immediately discharged!



Make sure that BioniX is not blocked by your firewall/antivirus! In the "Settings" tab, you cat test if BioniX is able to connect to the Internet.




We want BioniX to be unintrusive. Therefore, the program will connect to the Internet ONCE PER DAY, when you start the program.

If the program has been running many days continuously (example: for five days), it will check in this five days interval for updates only once. If updates were found the program will display an announcement.


Beyond anything, we respect your privacy!

BioniX uploads NO INFORMATION WHATSOEVER on our website. BioniX only downloads a text file in which it finds details about the online version number.

The Support tab


From this tab you have quick access to support and user manual web pages.


BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Support Tab


The Home page button will send you to BioniX Wallpaper's home page .

If you want to be announced when a new BioniX Background Switcher version is available you can quickly subscribe to our newsletter by pressing the Newsletter button.

If we don't have a feature, you can click the Request a feature button to request it. We always lend our ear towards our customer's opinion.

If you have difficulties to understand something you can ask us directly via e-mail by clicking the Product support button.

If you have questions about how BioniX Desktop Background Switcher works you can search in the user manual . Click the User manual button to go to the online user manual.


The Log



This window contains informations about current wallpaper, warnings and errors.

It also shows statistics:

  • program version
  • license state
  • the number of items in playlist
  • how many wallpapers BioniX Wallpaper has changed since you install it for the first time on your computer.

BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Log Tab


Switch to log on error - Show Log window whenever BioniX encounters errors.

Clear - Clear the log.
By pressing Statistics button BioniX will show the statistics.

Log level of details - You can tell BioniX how much information should be shown in log (Verbose, Hints, Infos, Paths, Warnings, Errors).


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