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BioniX Desktop Background Switcher

Money back warranty





Instant discounts do not apply to products that have a trial version or for which you have a fair chance to "try before buy".



  • You contact us via email and place a refund request.
  • We send you instructions about how to uninstall the license. Note: After this, BioniX and affiliate products will never work again in your computer.
  • You send proof that the license has been uninstalled (a code generated by BioniX)
  • We refund you the money

Note: The instant refund may not apply to special products and offers (for example upgrades, products with a discount applied to their price, purchased support service, products that require special/on-time setup on our side, etc)


If you purchased a product that has a trial version and you encounter a bug please send a bug report. We DO FIX all reported bugs that we can reproduce in our computers.




















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