Update vs. Upgrade


Unless otherwise specified, the customer receives FREE access to all updates we release for our products. For example, if you have purchased BioniX v12.00, you can freely update to any subversion (like v12.99).


The logic here is similar to what happens when you upgrade your Microsoft Office, Microsoft Window, or Photoshop license or when you purchase Half-Life 1 and then you upgrade to Half-Life 2 game. Any new version released has new features and improvements. The software does not write itself (unfortunately). Thousands of hours are invested into the development of these features. Don’t feel obligated to purchase the upgrade. Upgrade ONLY if you really like the new features and you feel they are worth your money. Most of our customers upgrade immediately, but some prefer to skip one version. Without any doubt, BioniX is the most complete wallpaper manager. However, if you feel a feature is missing, please feel free to submit a feature request. We would happily implement it, so we can take your money 🙂 Also remember, the license costs less than a short taxi ride or two biers in a pub.

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