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BioniX Wallpaper

Credit cards supported

Home Edition Purchase link
BionniX v12 $4.99
BionniX v13 Free or $9.99

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Business Edition No of users Purchase link
v13 Business 1 $19.59
v13 Enterprise All users at one site 199

By purchasing a license, you confirm that you have tested the product and it fully meets your requirements.






Free license


Receive a free license when you post about BioniX on your social media account.

All you have to do is to:

  • Add BioniX Wallpaper to your list of friends.
  • Post a BionniX screenshot (make it colorful:) and tell why you like Bionix. You MUST include a link to Hint: Click BioniX window, then press Alt+PrintScreen key to take a screenshot.
  • Make the post public (this is important).
  • Have at least 50 friends/followers.
  • Send us the link to your post by email ( ).


Every participant will receive a free license! Tell your friends they can get is also.



When do I receive the unlock key?


For instant payment methods (for example, credit card) you will receive your key in minutes (usually under 60 sec).

IMPORTANT: The key is sent to you automatically after purchase. We never failed once because the process is automated. If you haven't received your key, it means that your overzealous email client put it in the 'Spam/Junk' folder (it happens often with GMail/Yahoo mail). Look there!

For free license keys: We send the keys at bulk, every 2 days. So, please be patient a bit. You WILL receive your key!



Accepted payments


We accept multiple types of payment and currencies: Credit cards, Wire Transfer, Phone, Fax, Mail, Check, Money Order, PO/Proforma Invoice (for orders over €100), etc.

The transactions take place over a secure connection (https).





The license price was greatly discounted for "Home" users so it does not include customer support. This can be purchased separately. Support is free for all bug reports anyway.




Credit cards supported





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Why should I purchase it?

How to upgrade and old license?


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