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Submit a bug report






In order to give you a solution, we need to understand your problem. Therefore, sending a detailed description of your problem helps us to help you. Sending a message like "the software is not working" will take us nowhere.



Automatic bug reporting


BioniX Wallpaper has a built-in bug report generator. When a crash occurs, BioniX Wallpaper will automatically generate a bug report and WILL ASK for your permission to send it via email. The program will also ask you the steps to reproduce the error (see below)!




Steps to reproduce the problem


When sending a bug report please explain what we should do to systematically recreate the problem in our computers. For ex, which buttons to push and in which order, to make the program crash exactly as it crashes in your computer.

Example of 'Steps to reproduce':

  1) Start BioniX v12.9
  2) Click any image in the playlist
  3) Press Ctrl+Delete to delete the image
  4) BioniX crashes with the message: "Access violation at address @430000"
      The error can be reproduced on demand with any playlist / any images in the playlist.


Remember: 'Steps to reproduce' is the most crucial piece of information. Without, it we might not be able to understand the problem.



Sending a bug report manually


In some cases (user has no email client installed, firewall blocks BioniX, etc) it won't be able to submit the bug report. In this case please email us the information listed below. 

  1. Product name (yes we have more than one product)
  2. Exact product version (Example v9.20.1)
  3. Windows platform you are using (for example: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, etc)
  4. Screenshot of the error message (it MUST be full screen nut just a crop).
  5. Description of what you did at the moment when the error appeared
  6. Steps to reproduce the problem!!
  7. Description of the problem, exact error message and screenshots (lots of screenshots)
  8. If the problem appears with a specific image please also send the image

BioniX already provides this info the 'System Log' tab:

     * The folder where BioniX is installed. For example: C:\Program Files\BioniX Wallpaper

     * Monitor(s) configuration and resolution

     * Optionally we may ask for: Your BioniX settings file (INI file), the playlist file, the wallpaper (jpg, gif) that generated the problem (IF the problem is related to a specific wallpaper).





  • If you have multiple issues, please send multiple emails (one per email).
  • Use the 'Print Screen' key to take screenshots, then paste the screenshot directly into your email client.




PLEASE clearly write the reason for the email and the version number in the subject line (Bug report, Support request, Feature request, Purchase). Without this, the email will simply be discarded.

If you don't get an answer and you haven't included this information please resend the email (correctly formatted).

Example: [Bug report] BioniX v12.11 - The program crashes when the playlist is loaded.

Please send the email at:



You haven't received an answer?


Usually, we answer all bug reports emails within 24 hours.

If you don't get an answer and you haven't included the information above (subject line, screenshots, steps to reproduce the bug) please add the missing info and resend the email.

Also, make sure your issue falls indeed into the 'bug report' category and not into the Support request category.








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